Besides, if you plan a holiday in Europe in 2020, and yet you don’t have any idea of the most excellent and enjoyable place to go, this article will fully meet your desires. In essence, Europe is a continent any individual dreams of visiting, explore, and experience all historical cities there. Therefore, consider the below comprehensive list of ten superlative and entertaining city trips in Europe.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

Moreover, Stockholm is among the top-rated cities for breaking a destination in Europe. Besides, it got various attractive cultures, excellent restaurants, and beautiful architecture. It is a melting pot of making new friends and gain new ideas and views. However, here someone will enjoy famous sites such as the maritime museum, Vasa, an open-air best museum with a zoo, and another one which comprises all kinds of Nobel Prize awardees. Don’t miss the trip to this city when you travel to Europe for a memorable stay.

2. Venice Italy

Venice is the superlative city located in Europe, an impressive one, and built on attractive canals. Amazingly, Venice’s means of transportation is via Vaporetto or gondola, a comfortable boat controlled by the boatman. Further, this city remarkably changes during the night, transforming to enjoy weekend getaways currently in Europe. You will explore this city in the morning, visit the fantastic Piazza San Marco, the saint marks basilica. Still, at night you will enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the finest cafeterias facing the Grand Canal.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Moreover, for water lovers, spending your weekend in Europe, consider taking a trip to Copenhagen, referred to as little mermaid. Eventually, many favorite sites here are linked to water, and it is beautifully evident due to waterways and canals, which connect different places in the city. In essence, the Rosenborg castle, Tivoli Gardens, and Nyhavn are famous and beautiful places here in this city. Still, visiting here, someone will study different traditions of Denmark; it the most exciting place to vacate any time of the year.

4. London, United Kingdom

Arguably, London is among the most beloved and attractive city to visit in Europe. Any visitor enjoys her/himself thoroughly due to stunning sites like Big Ben, British Museum, London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. Besides, the proximity of these unique and beautiful sites, intelligent public transportation systems, and many other enjoyable possessions makes this city a great place to visit Europe.

5. Munich, Germany

Visit Europe and see the wonders globally; Munich is one of the miraculous city, filled with historical museums and brimmed with the best centuries-old and the old architectural buildings. Some of the popular attractions here are the Linderhof Palace, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Nymphenburg Palace. I guarantee someone that you will love and enjoy this city in Europe. Still, for some individuals who might be having a couple of days there, check out the St; Peter’s church, Heiliggeistkirche, and Viktualinmarkt.

6. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is among the fantastic famous and cheap destinations in Europe. Besides, the admirable possessions here are the tremendous cobbled alleys and brick buildings. In essence, someone can enjoyably spend the entire weekend here, exploring this attractive, cool, old town. Come with your lover here and enjoy all the delicious food, cheap market, and restaurants. Still, someone can check out the large St. Olafs’ church to view the whole city from above. You will also enjoy the right and clean hotel rooms paying less than 60 dollars and beer less than 3 dollars during the night.

7. Florence, Italy

Do you know Florence is the capital city of Tuscany? I am telling you this city got a rich history of architecture and arts. Further, they have plenty of what the whole world-renowned for its historical value and beauty. The famous sites here embrace the medieval church with an iconic impressive dome, Florence Cathedral, the art museum such as Sandro Botticelli’s, where Venus’s birth is done. Remember to check out the Florence Baptistery; a religious monument recently turned into a famous landmark.

8. Barcelona, Spain

Whenever tourist thinks of Spain, Barcelona is the first and pleasurable destination. Barcelona is among the richest, oldest, and superlative city Europe, due to it all -around beautiful nature. However, they can visit Sagrada Familia here in this city for the individuals who love original architecture and history. Still, the lovers of affordable shopping check out the La Boqueria, and if you love the sea and sand, visit the fantastic Nova Icaria Beach. Don’t miss this place since it has countless beautiful and memorable places to visit.

9. Paris, France

Countless individuals prefer Paris as the most romantic place in the world. Therefore, it will be a fantastic city to visit with your lover, in Europe’s destination. Besides, you find famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel tower, a unique place for hanging out as a couple. The other lovely and attractive places are the Notre-Dame best de Palace, Jardin Du Luxembourg, the Louvre and Arc de Triomphe. Admirably, the Paris attractions are appealing to each other; therefore, it will be comfortable traveling between them.

10. Dublin, Ireland

In essence, if you have plans to visit the European continent, don’t estate checking out Dublin city; it a significant one, among others. Moreover, here the transportation means is very convenient and also exploring the city center is easy. Besides, someone can move around on foot without any issues, adoring the beauty of it. Additionally, someone should not miss the places like Little Museum, Kilmainham Gaol, Trinity College, where all books of kells are housed, and the National Museum. Dublin is one of the major tourist attractions cities due to its best and extraordinary features.


Besides, Travelling is a significant way of learning new ideas, challenges, relaxing the mind and the body, and many other benefits. However, European trips are the most treasured adventures which, spares the client’s banks. Therefore, the above guide consists of unique and top-rated city trips in Europe in 2020. Book a trip to Europe today for the best satisfaction in Europe city trips ever.