Coronavirus and Travel

Coronavirus and Travel have become very challenging, the coronavirus has changed the way the world works. Everything was impacted due to this virus including travel. Countries are closing down their borders and the citizens are on lockdown.

Just about all international movement has stopped. Around 10 percent of the global popular works in the travel industry and this is causing hardships for many. Some countries are slowly starting to open just to return to lockdown. Some are beginning to allow tourists to visit.

For those looking to go on a vacation, they need to find out which countries are allowing them and any new rules and restrictions. They also wonder if it is safe to stay in a hotel and when is a good time to travel. There is some information for those looking to get away during the pandemic.

What areas are open?

Some countries are allowing international visitors while others are allowing people from neighboring countries. The United States has banned people from certain countries from visiting. The Bahamas are making people show COVID 19 negative test results that were done within 72 hours of their flight. Bermuda wants a negative test then wants a person to get tested again during their visit.

Cambodia wants a visit to put down a $2,000 deposit that will cover any COVID related expenses. Mexico and Costa Rica do not have travel restrictions and people can still come to visit. This is a lot of information to take in.

A person will need to research the country they are going to visit. The International Air Transport Association is helpful but not easy to read. They will show the countries that allow flights to come in.

The sites The Points Guy and Travel Off Path have listed travel information for many countries. This is a good place to see which countries are open to visitors.

Skyscanner will show which states have travel restrictions in the United States and where flights are being canceled.

The App in the Air will show updated travel restrictions. A person can also find different airline policies and information for health checks. This app will provide up to the minute information from the airports so a traveler can know exactly what is going on.

There is an official map from the European Union that will allow a person to know what countries are open for travel. The official Foreign Office for the country is also a good place to check.

To find this information a person can type in the name of the country followed by the official tourism board in that country. They will then get some sites for the most current travel information.

COVID Case Information

Johns Hopkins University has current information about the number of Corona cases in a specific area. Worldometers is another good site.

Airline Precautions

Coronavirus and Travel are hard to combine these days, for that reason, airlines require that all passengers wear a mask. The boarding process has been changed to reduce contact. Some airlines do not book middle seats to help distance passengers. Most airlines are continuing with normal business and may have a full flight.

Major airlines do disinfect everything between flights. A person can visit their website to see what they are doing to keep passengers safe.

There are some things that a person can do to help protect themselves.

They should wear latex gloves or wash their hands frequently.

Always wear a mask.

Avoid touching the face.

Wipe down the seating area with disinfectant wipes.

There have been some changes to the cancelation policies. A person can now change or cancel their flight without penalties or fees.

Hotel Safety

Many hotels and other areas are said to be closed or operating at reduced capacity because coronavirus and travel have been hard to manage. There are some changes that they are taking for guest safety.

Guests need to have their temperature taken before checking in.

There are enhanced cleaning procedures.

Hotels are following social distancing.

High touch areas are cleaned and disinfected.

Hotels are also allowing people to cancel without a fee.

A site such as Airbnb has also developed increased cleaning policies for the safety of their guests.

Tour Companies

These companies are not selling tours. Some are offering a tour if they are outdoors. Before booking a tour be sure to learn about their cancelation and refund policy. To see if other activities are open be sure to check with the local tourism office.

Travel Insurance

Most of the travel insurance did not apply during the pandemic. This is true if the government issued a warning against visiting certain areas. Some insurance companies are not selling travel insurance at the moment. Others are adjusting their policies. If a person gets sick when traveling they may be able to get coverage. Cancel for any reason insurance can be purchase. Purchasing a travel credit card offers backup insurance. Do not visit an area that has a government warning.

Booking a Trip

Countries are opening and closing with little notice. It is best to book no more than 2 weeks in advance. New restrictions can happen at any time depending on the latest changes about coronavirus and travel. There are plenty of deals out there. It is best not to travel without getting a COVID test 72 hours before leaving. A person does not want to be a carrier of this illness.