With everything bigger, advanced, and modern, few cities in the world can match the thrill that comes with touring Dubai. Whether you have planned to visit the iconic Emirates city for a few days or an entire vacation, there is much to see and indulge in that you can’t exhaust. The following Dubai travel tips will help you plan adequately for the fun times in this city of glamour.

#1- Best Time to Visit Dubai

Dubai is never devoid of tourists all year round. However, you might consider visiting Dubai at the most optimal time as per the weather. To some, summer and winter are no much different in Dubai since it’s either hot or hotter. While months between May and September sees the region’s summer period, winter is ushered between the months of October and April offering moderately warm weather.

Consider visiting the city during its winter season. There may be rain showers but they don’t last long hence won’t affect your travels.


#2- You Might Need to Book Your Hotel a Month in Advance

Dubai is without doubt the most popular travel destination in the Emirates. With lots of people targeting to be in the city especially in its winter months, you would expect more traffic in hotel booking. To avoid stressful hotel bookings, make your hotel reservations not less than a month in advance.

#3- Dress Modestly while in Dubai

Vacation for many comes with wearing flashy outfits. However, you might need to consider more conservative outfits for your vacation wardrobe while visiting Dubai. For women, consider avoiding extra short, transparent, or tight outfit in Dubai. On the other hand, men are not supposed to walk around the city with their shirts off. The choice of attire is for the respect of the nation’s Muslim culture and avoiding unnecessary attention.


#4- Be Cautious of Where You Consume Alcohol

A vacation in most cases will never lack some wine tasting and alcohol consumption for fun. Well, alcohol is legal in Dubai but try not to drink in public or drunk driving in the city. Purchasing alcohol without a permit or from illegal establishments is also prohibited. With security beefed up in the city more than you would think of, you would hardly get away with it.


#5- Dubai is a PDA Free Travel Destination

If you’re overly expressive romantically or come from a nation where public display of affection (PDA) is not a big deal, consider restraining your romantic moves. Keep your romantic moves in your hotel room with your lover since PDA might have you arrested and even imprisoned. Things to avoid are refraining from holding hands, kissing in public, or any other sexual related act in public.

Final Thought

Even though Dubai has a long list of don’ts, it has more to offer that you won’t feel like you missed out on the fun. With a lovely beach, wonderful sites to visit, and great culinary experience, you can barely exhaust what the city has to offer for its tourists.