It is a different country

When you travel outside of your own nation, the tendency is to think that your customs and laws apply anywhere you go. This is one of the biggest mistakes many tourists make when they travel to a different country.

They forget that there are different laws and different customs that need to be followed. If they don’t then they may end up in legal or cultural trouble. Here are some of the mistakes tourists make when traveling through Italy.

Some things not to do when in Italy

#1. give a tip– this may be something that is widely practice din America, Canada and other English speaking nations but in Italy, this can cause the waiter or bartender to be offended. There are some that will accept the gratuity but be careful it is not widely practiced


#2. use a credit card– as they say ‘cash is king’ and in Italy it is more so than most other nations. Credit cards are not that widely accepted in this country and if your bill is under 10 Euros, you won’t be able to use your card. Make sure to have cash on you at all times.


#3. leaving your receipt at the table– this may also be done a lot by customers who have no use for their food receipt but in Italy, you need to carry the receipt for 100 meters before throwing it away. If you don’t you could get fined


#4. using the wrong word for coffee– Latte in Italian is the word for milk. If you order a latte like you would back home you may be given a glass of milk instead of a hot beverage.


#5. driving in the ZTL– those letters mean limited traffic zone and as a tourist who rents a car, these are to be avoided. Tourists are not eligible for the licenses to drive in these zones so don’t even try. You can get a ticket right away or with an up to a year delay.


#6. dress poorly– churches have a dress code and if you want to see the Vatican or some old Italian church, make sure not to dress in shorts, bare shoulder tops and similar clothing. You will not be allowed in if you do


Some final words


This is just a short list of mistakes to avoid. There are others like expecting Italy and Italian buildings to be suitcase or handicap friendly. The best thing to do is to conduct some good research covering the cities and areas you want to travel in this country.

Learn what is not the right thing to do and abide by those guidelines. Your trip will be more fun if you do.