Nothing describes Peru as a travel destination better other than the term incredible diversity. Standing in the South American continent, the nation is famous for its lost city of Machu Picchu. More than magical is the nation’s twenty-eight climates of the world’s thirty-two makings it a fully diverse nation not only in culture but also in terms of climate. Physical features are not limited to a variety of pristine lagoons and glamorous mountain tops to hike through. If that’s not enough, you can visit Peru’s beaches, deserts, and its Amazon jungle for some amazing wildlife viewing too. The rich culture and great catalog of delicious meals.

A Three Weeks Peru Travel Guide

If you think of visiting Peru for vacation, three weeks feel like some ample time for transcending through the diverse land. Thanks to the convenient transport system, both road and air, that traveling across the nation is seamless. The following is a day to day three weeks of Peru travel guide.

Day 1 to Day 3: Visit Lima

The best starting point of some travel in a foreign nation is starting the whole visit at the country’s capital. Lima, Peru’s capital is a modern creative city located along the scenic coastline of Peru. Here one can wander through Barranco the artist’s area and navigate through the city and its coastline. Crown your visit to the city with Peru’s national dish, Ceviche.

Day 4: Visit Paracas Island

For wildlife lovers, the Paracas’s Ballestas Islands offer one of the most extraordinary wildlife scenery. With a million sea birds dive and glide through the waters as they try catch fish. Seeing the sea lions try to chase the sea birds during their hunting mission is quite a scene. You can also tour the Paracas and do a Pisco wine tasting tour too.

You can also check in the Hacienda San Jose a house where lies a nine kilometers long tunnel used to smuggle slaves to work on farms and avoid taxes. Notably, the distance between Paracas and Lima is a three-hour bus ride. You can use public buses or book reliable services from online bus companies.

Day 5 – Day 6: Visit Huacachina, the Desert Oasis of Peru

Deserts are never better than seeing the highest sand dunes surrounding a small lagoon with lush-green palm trees. Visit Huacachina, the desert oasis of Peru where you can watch the unique phenomenon of the sunset from the top of a dune. Here you can also do a sand buggy tour through Peru’s desert areas and also spend a night there. Notably, Huacachina is a 45-minute ride from Paracas. While there are no bus rides to the place, you might opt-in for a taxi ride or secure a bus tour company for your traveling needs.

Day 7 – Day 9: Pay a Visit to Arequipa City

Arequipa, the volcano ringed city, is Peru’s second-largest city. The city offers a stunning and charming view great for any tourist. Notably, the city’s white colonial buildings offer the city a European feel. While the majority of tourists visit Machu Picchu, there remains more to explore in Arequipa city.

While navigating through to Arequipa, you can pass through the Nazca Lines which is a series of drawings carved into the desert ground over twenty centuries ago. The view is quite spectacular seen from the viewing tower of the highways or from above while taking a flight.

Day 10 – Day 12: Visit Cusco

Better termed as he gateway to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu is Cusco city. A little cobblestone-street city is of high altitude and might require you some time to adjust to the high altitude. The city has a fantastic architectural design for its buildings including cathedrals and museums. Notably, the city brags of some of the best restaurants in Peru. You can take a direct flight to Cusco or take a bus through the floating villages of Puno.

Day 13: Tour to the Sacred Valley

You might need to visit the spectacular sights of Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray circular terraces, as well as Maras Salt mines. All these can be found in the Sacred Valley. Notably,